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Surface disinfection is more important than ever.

Nashville Bar Is The First To Use Portable UV Handheld To Disinfect Surfaces

NuvaWave™ kills greater than 99.9% of the Covid-19 virus in less than 2 seconds.

- Texas Biomedical Research Institute in 5 Confirmatory Studies


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It is compact and easy to use.

S.G. | Midwest disinfection services company

The guide lights made it easy to use to see the area of disinfection

J.G. | Private aviation director

NuvaWave, applicability…check and usability…check.

M.S. | Southeast janitorial services company

The pricing model is a game changer.

C.P. | Southeast medical distributor

With no chemical dwell time, it allowed us a quick-turn around.

D.G. | Midwest disinfection services company

This is really fast for electronics since we don’t have a solution with chemicals.

R.K. | Southeast janitorial services company

We use the device as a First Responder tool when going to a location where someone has tested positive for Covid-19, we won't take any chances a high touch area is missed.

S.G. | Midwest disinfection services company

The spotlights that are used as a guide actually showed if the surfaces were cleaned properly or not.  We were glad to have the device for the areas that were not cleaned well.

C.E. | Building Services Owner

The device is well balanced and easy to use and can get to the small spaces other systems can't.

M.O. | National Private Aviation, Operations Specialist

Safe and Clean Environments are Paramount

Elder Care

Our elders are the ones that showed us everything. It is our duty to protect them from harmful pathogens. Using NuvaWave is the perfect solution to protect them. 

Emergency Services

Ambulances must be ready at a moment’s notice. NuvaWave enables the team to quickly and safely clean their work environment and get back on the road.


Passengers on planes deserve to know that their money is being spent on an airplane that has been properly cleaned. NuvaWave is the solution to their peace of mind.

Healthy Buildings

Cleaning an office is only the first
step in protecting the health of your employees. Using NuvaWave, reducing sickness and viruses drives employee productivity.

Clinical Care Facilities

Rapidly disinfecting high touch surfaces in the critical care environments is important for patient and clinician safety. NuvaWave effectively and quickly prepares the patient room with the highest standard of care.

Cruise Ships

Surface disinfection and pathogen reduction is a significant concern for the cruise industry. A powerful handheld device that destroys pathogens is an important tool in passenger safety.

Redneck Riviera is the first bar in America using NuvaWave UV Disinfection from UV Innovators.