UV Innovators™️ Releases the First UV Handheld Proven to Inactivate COVID Virus in 2 Seconds

Independent Research Institute Shows NuvaWave™ UVC Handheld Effectiveness

SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 -- CARY, NORTH CAROLINA -- UV Innovators (www.uvinnovators.com), an ultraviolet technology company, today launched NuvaWave, one of the most advanced tools in the fight against deadly pathogens. NuvaWave is a UVC handheld device that is used to disinfect any high touch surface. This product release is timely as all businesses, schools, municipalities, airlines, cruise ships and other commercial ventures need to have a solution to protect their employees, students, customers and family from COVID. 

“In order for people to feel comfortable getting back to normal, they must feel confident that the places they go are clean and free from infectious pathogens. NuvaWave is a commercial-grade solution for those who are disinfecting high-touch surfaces,” stated Dr. Nicholas Medendorp, Jr., a technology leader with over two decades of LED experience and 115 patents and CEO of UV Innovators. “NuvaWave has undergone rigorous testing with accredited third-party laboratories to gauge its efficacy in killing SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. The results from the rigorous study completed at Texas Biomedical Research Institute demonstrated that NuvaWave killed >99.9% of the live virus in just two seconds,” added Dr. Medendorp.

NuvaWave was tested at Texas Biomed, an independent, nonprofit research institute whose mission is to protect our global community from the threats of infectious diseases through cutting-edge research. “For nearly three quarters of a century, the Institute has delivered high quality and reliable scientific data, spanning basic discovery through preclinical development,” explained Dr. Cory Hallam, Professor and Vice President for Business Development at Texas Biomed. “The scientists at Texas Biomed know how to handle the live virus in their biosafety level 3 (BSL-3) lab and to use protocols to safely mimic real-world conditions that helped us document the effectiveness of NuvaWave,” added Dr. Medendorp.

NuvaWave handheld device only weighs 1.5 pounds and provides 5,000 hours of disinfection.  UV Innovators’ break-through technology changes the paradigm in making hospital-grade technology affordable. UV Innovators is announcing the NuvaWave Fleet Program that enables infection control teams a simple and affordable monthly payment. To place an order, visit www.uvinnovators.com today.

About UV Innovators

UV Innovators, LLC uses its extensive illumination and medical device knowledge to create intellectual property that delivers disinfection solutions across a vast set of markets -- from private aviation and clinical care facilities, to healthy office buildings and schools. The commercialization of a UVC product that delivers the germ deactivating power of a disinfection tower, with the speed and mobility of a handheld device, UV Innovators has redefined the standard of surface disinfection. For more information, visit www.uvinnovators.com or contact info@uvinnovators.com.

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