Understanding NuvaWave™ and the Power of UVC  

UV Innovators is committed to providing accurate and understandable information on UVC disinfection.

"UV" stands for Ultraviolet.  "UV" is a form of energy that relates to the electromagnetic radiation (EM) wavelength within the spectrum of Ultraviolet light. 10% of natural UV light comes from the sun, while human-made sources of UV can come from tanning beds and welding torches. 

The Ultraviolet spectrum is broken down by nanometers and is generally divided into three sub- bands: 

UVA, or near UV (315–400 nm):  This is the longest wavelength of Ultraviolet with 95% of the natural UV penetration from the sun. UVA blacklight makes a poster glow and may give you a suntan or a sunburn.  UVB, or middle UV (280–315 nm): This is the mid-range wavelength of natural UV.  5% of UVB light penetrates past the earth's atmosphere. The radiation that is in the region of the UVB is primarily responsible for sunburn, aging of the skin, and the development of skin cancer.  UVC, or far UV (180–280 nm): This is the shortest and most potent wavelength of all UV. 0% of UVC light penetrates the earth's surface.  Instead, it is absorbed by the ozone layer before entering our atmosphere. UVC is the UV that demonstrates the most significant germicidal properties due to its short wavelength.

Knowledge of UVC to deactivate microorganisms goes back over 100 years.

Since 1878, artificially produced UVC has become a staple method of sterilization in hospitals, transportation services, offices, sports venues and more, every day. UVC has been fundamental to the process of sanitizing drinking water.  Parasites in some regions are resistant to chlorine, or other means of purification so UVC is used. UVC took a backseat as anti-biotics and other chemical cleaners became more predominant.  In the 1980’s the rise in drug resistant infections and the rise in Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI) has seen the slow reemergence to return to UVC.  When Covid-19 spread, UVC technology was already underway.  The timing of the pandemic with the return to UVC a fortuitous cross-road.

UVC is invisible.  If you can see it, it is not UVC.

UVC generates some warmth; however, cooling systems are in place to ensure the system remains cool.  The NuvaWave™ handheld is not hot to the touch after use. 

UVC light damages the genetic material of bacteria and viruses, including, SARS-CoV-2, the novel coronavirus that causes COVID-19. Devices emitting UVC light has been used by hospitals to eradicate pathogens on surfaces and in the air for more than two decades.

To use UVC safely and effectively; you need the proper equipment and adequate training on its use and hazards.

Most UVC systems are auto-operated. These units are not portable or designed for manual operation. UVC may quicky burn skin and eyes, there for the robotic units prohibit human interaction.  The timeframe for disinfection is 30-45 minutes in a secured vacant room. 

The NuvaWave™ handheld generates UVC via LED.  The system is built to be portable and for use by an operator, takes seconds to use on surfaces effectively, and with personal protective equipment (gloves, UV face shield, no exposed skin) is less dangerous to handle, and still lethal to viruses, and bacteria.

NuvaWave™ FAQs:

Yes.   UVC sterilization technology used mercury lamps, as LED was not an option at the time.  Mercury lamps have limitations, low activity at refrigeration temperatures, a warm-up time, risk of mercury exposure and limited in UV emission (254 nm).  Most recently, mercury- based products are in a phase out as an environmental hazard.

LED (Light Emitting Diodes) are designed to emit the ideal germicidal wavelength on-demand disinfection with no warm-up time. The LED construct is not fragile and poses no environmental hazards or obsoletions.

Microorganisms are simple organic structures that readily absorb the UVC wavelength, causing photo-disassociation (destruction). In hundredths of a second, it suffers irreparable damage.  

The subsequent loss of genetic instructions can cause cell death and the inability to replicate, rendering them harmless.  NuvaWave™ emits UVC light at a wavelength of 270 nm and is fast and effective in the deactivation of viral, bacterial and fungal pathogens such as MRSA,P. Aeruginosa, E, faecalis, and others.   

NuvaWave™ handheld UVC system is the first to show in third party laboratory tests against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) with results of >3 log kill in 2 seconds.

The first step in using any UVC system is to ensure skin and eyes are protected.    

Users must wear close-toed shoes, long pants, long sleeves or sleeve covers, gloves, and the NuvaWave™ face shield provided.   NuvaWave™ has safety mechanisms built into the device to reduce operator exposure. The operator must take responsibility to use the equipment properly and cover exposed skin and eyes.​ 

As you unpack your NuvaWave™ kit, it is essential to first charge your battery by connecting it to the AC wall outlet with the adaptor.  The LED2 light will activate when the battery has completed the charging cycle.  Ensure your PPE is on, then attach the battery to the belt and connect the battery to the handset.  Push the power on button at the base of the handset.  If the green indicator light is glowing, you are ready to disinfect.

If that person is not wearing PPE, simply release the trigger and NuvaWave™  device will quickly shut-off until you are able to resume use. 

UVC light is invisible to the eye. The NuvaWave™ device has two visual indicators to let the operator know that UV light is being active.   First, white spotlights illuminate the surface that is being disinfected. Second, a blue light ring will glow around the emitting surface of the handheld device.

After you activate the NuvaWave™ device and wave it over the surface at a distance of 2 inches, the surface disinfection will occur in 1-3 seconds, depending on the pathogen.  These surfaces in the room will remain with a low microbial load until new visitors, patients, care providers, or air handling systems introduce new pathogens.  It is recommended that critical surfaces are cleaned at least once per day.  If there are concerns about pathogen contamination, multiple decontamination sessions per day can be used and should be applied consistently.

NuvaWave™  UVC is odorless, invisible with no fogging or wipe marks.  It is the invisible weapon against the unseen pathogens.  If the NuvaWave™  is being used correctly; it is working.  Every wave of the unit is leaving behind inactive pathogens.

The device should be waved 2 inches above the surface in a slow back and forth motion, like you would if you were wiping off the surface with a towel.  This back and forth movement will enable the surface to be treated for multiple seconds, which has shown to be effective for many bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

The NuvaWave™  device will work on a variety of surfaces: metal, plastic, glass, PVC, electronics, and fabric.  It is important to remove any bodily fluid, liquids or other biological debris before using the device.  

The indicator light will slowly flash red.  Please disconnect the battery and replace it with a fully charged battery. 

The device has UVC a lifetime of 5,000 hours of use.

Check the battery and connection.  If that is not the issue, contact UV Innovators, LLC at 855-NUV-AWAV.  You will be assisted within 24 hours or less.

The NuvaWave™ device weighs 1.5 pounds and the battery pack weighs 2 pounds.

No. Some organic matter that is being treated may temporarily produce a slight odor that will shortly dissipate as the air exchange in the room circulates the air.

No, the odor is not harmful to people or surfaces and will quickly dissipate as new air is circulated. 

If there is a flashing red light, turn the power off, wait 10 seconds and power the device back on.  If the green indicator light appears, then pull the trigger and begin disinfecting.  If the red light remains, then power off the device and contact 855-NUV-AWAV.

The operator must protect the device so that it is not submerged into water or bucket of cleaning detergent. This may permanently damage the device.

Once you have used the system, you may wipe the handheld unit and battery with a simple disinfecting wipe if needed.  The face shield may be cleaned with soap and water after each use. 

NuvaWave™ has no carbon footprint of waste.  There is no mercury in the light system for disposal.  The UVC is dry, so there are no chemicals circulated into the air or applied to surfaces that cause harm to the user or environment.   

Please store your NuvaWave™ device in a cool, dry safe location.  If you ordered the NuvaWave™ kit, the storage case you received with your order is a perfect storage location.

NuvaWave™ is an industrial-grade UVC disinfection apparatus with a wavelength above 260nm, which is the standard disinfection level. Accurate laboratory testing has been conducted by third parties to confirm the scientific results of the effectiveness of NuvaWave™ as a mean in combating deadly pathogens successfully. 

"Wands" available for "home use" sound great.  However please be aware they are a lower- level UV system. UVC LED are at low power, the wand would need to be held over an item or surface up to 30 minutes to get a minimal level of sanitization perhaps but will not destroy any virus or contagium.  It is important to note these wands accidentally expose the user to dangerous UV light.  If a "wand" has a visible light, please note that it is the LED UVC.  UVC is invisible.  The "banana" test is not a safe measure of UVC effectiveness, it is the light (regardless of type) that is toasting the outside layer, not a sign of successful UVC disinfection. 

NuvaWave™  UVC can inactivate potentially deadly pathogens on its first use.  Consistent use over time has been shown to hasten the actual cell death.  As viral particles are not a life form, we depend solely on inactivation to rid ourselves of their impending potential to impact the health and safety of others.  

Continuous use of NuvaWave™  causes uninterrupted degradation of potentially deadly pathogens, faster and safer than anything available, and has no environmentally damaging chemicals and waste.

NuvaWave™  can assist any facility and staff in breaking the cycle of infection immediately; as a Crisis First Response Tool, and as the primary part of all cleaning systems and procedures.

The operator will be the one to ensure no new pathogens reactivate or replicate, creating a safe and healthy space for everyone.